108 Labradorite Beads Lotus Mala
108 Labradorite Beads Lotus Mala
108 Labradorite Beads Lotus Mala
108 Labradorite Beads Lotus Mala

108 Labradorite Beads Lotus Mala

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108 beads is a sacred number in many cultures. What better way to bring good luck and positive energy into your life than by using this Lotus Mala?

Each bead has been carefully chosen and strung with love. The Labradorite gemstone is known for its powerful properties, including enhancing intuition and promoting spiritual growth. It’s the perfect stone to use as you meditate or pray.

It is a stone of transformation, is a great companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance in your journey of self-discovery. Also helps with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. It may enhance your intuition and activate your psychic abilities.

The Lotus design on the mala reminds us of our own inner beauty and potential for growth. Wear it around your neck or keep it close to you as a reminder that you are always capable of achieving great things.

Makes a fantastic birthday, holiday, or executive gift!

• Quality gemstone beads
• Double strung for durability
• Stylish colors and patterns
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

- Gorgeous 108 Labradorite Beads Mala
- Used by many yogis, malas are used to recite mantras while practicing meditation
- 108 is considered a sacred number in traditions such as Buddhism & Hinduism
- Labradorite is a stone of transformation
- Reminding you to be mindful
- Attract all good things
- Limited - NOT available in stores
- FREE Shipping in the US and Worldwide

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