108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala
108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala
108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala
108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala
108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala
108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala
108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala

108 Mystic Purple Beads Mala

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The Mala of 108 Beads is believed to bring one's wishes into reality. It can be used for both spiritual and everyday purposes, such as warding off evil spirits or negative energy, asking for good luck in all kinds of activities, enhancing your willpower to meditate by putting you in a deeper state of concentration, attracting good luck, and fortune, etc.

The spiritual power of this mala can be increased by chanting mantras during meditation or at other times. A mantra is a sound, syllable, or group of words that are repeated to assist one in reaching a certain mental state and/or spiritual awareness. It is believed the practitioner will gain great benefits by reciting these mantras. Additionally, it can be worn as an amulet for protection from all kinds of misfortunes.

"Mala" means praying beads or rosary in Sanskrit, and is used to keep count of mantra repetition. It is said that 108 represents the number of worldly afflictions we suffer from and 108 represents the number of such worldly concerns that may be overcome by chanting a certain mantra. There are different kinds of mala which include different kinds of materials and decoration. Some mala can be worn as a necklace whereas others are made into a bracelet that wraps around the wrist. Mala can also be made into a form that is hung from a string, which allows it to be easily worn as a pendant. The Buddhist practice of using bead malas originated centuries ago in Tibet, which is where the mala was originally called a "Japa Mala," and there it is still often referred to by that name. The Buddhist Japa Mala has many beads, with smaller counting beads strung among larger holding beads.

This 108 bead mala is strung on a strong stretch cord, which can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet as well as fitted as a necklace. There are many ways to wear this mala including just around the neck, wrapped twice or three times around each wrist (depending on your size), or even worn as a full-length bracelet by wrapping around the neck and tucked under one end like a choker.

The 108 Mala can be used as an aid to meditation, like a rosary during prayer, or as a charm to increase good fortune and ward off evil spirits. Some people also use it to summon good luck in their life.

While others believe that the mala was created for the purpose of warding off evil, negative energy is attracted to anything that emits light and is surrounded by darkness. That said, one should not expect that wearing this mala will completely shield them from all negative influences; rather it is believed that this charm should be an addition to one's existing arsenal.

Wearing this Mala is believed to attract good fortune, ward off evil energies and protect the wearer from illness or harm.

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