Chakra Healing Beads Necklace
Chakra Healing Beads Necklace
Chakra Healing Beads Necklace
Chakra Healing Beads Necklace

Chakra Healing Beads Necklace

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  • 100% AUTHENTIC STONES: Red agate, Lazurite, Amethyst, Turquoise stone, Tiger eye, Green King Stone, synthetic Amber

  • This necklace is approximately 19” (14 beads). Each bead has a circumference of about 8mm.

  • Beads Chakra Necklace; Unisex, Good Matching for Men and Women

  • Handmade item; Great Spiritual Meditation

Chakra is the incredible energy of the universe that is found within each of us. In order to attain and use such energy, one must learn to activate each of the 7 Chakra inhibitors located within the body and mind. 

Designed to balance the seven chakras, our handcrafted Chakra necklace collection brings harmony and balance to the body and spirit. Each chakra necklace corresponds the seven chakras with colorful beads, this 1 piece beaded mala stretch necklace promotes healing and vitality.

Feel the energy of your chakras as this necklace helps them restore to balance while wearing it.

1)  Red Agate: Root Chakra: I am safe. I am one with Gaia.

2) Synthetic Amber: Sacral Chakra: I am a beautiful being

3) Tiger Eye: Solar Plexus Chakra: I am free. I am strong.

4) Green King Stone: Heart Chakra: I am love.

5) Turquoise: Throat Chakra: I am truth and integrity.

6) Lazurite: Third Eye Chakra: I am that I am.

7) Amethyst: Crown Chakra: We are all one.

You can even use your essential oils to soak in the stone beads!

This necklace is the perfect reminder of how connected you are to the abundant universe!

Namaste, friend!

P.S. My philosophy is simple: You must be happy with your purchase. That's it. If you are happy, we are happy.

Please note: the healing crystal metaphysical properties are spiritual supports to healing and isn’t intended as healthcare information.