Unalome X Lotus Pendant Necklace
Unalome X Lotus Pendant Necklace
Unalome X Lotus Pendant Necklace

Unalome X Lotus Pendant Necklace

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Unalome is a well known symbol in buddhist art that represents a pathway to enlightenment through meditation. It is often seen as a flame with two wavy lines traveling through it - this symbolizes the energy of emotions and mind moving toward the goal, though the waves represent obstacles along the way.

What does unalome represent?

Unalome is a mark that represents a spiritual journey of a soul who wishes to reach enlightenment. When you see the unalome, think of it as a path. On this path there are many obstacles and little challenges that one has to overcome in order to achieve nirvana-like state of being - the final destination on the spiritual path. Here's what unalome generally looks like:

Unalome is comprised of three parts, which are explained below:

1. Triangle - this part of the symbol represents the past and all the bad karma that one has accumulated; it also represents femininity/the divine feminine energy (yin) within us.

2. Unalome line - this part of the symbol represents the present, one's current existence.

3. Circle with dot in the center- this part of the symbol represents future and potentiality that awaits on the spiritual journey, where one can escape from suffering through enlightenment.

So how do you interpret unalome? Try to think of it as a beginning of your spiritual journey. If you are still young, then this is the perfect time to start on that path but if you are an old soul who has already completed many laps on the spiritual path then this symbol signifies where you are now - halfway through your journey.

Now let's look at how unalome has been employed in many pieces of jewelry.

Pendants are the most popular form of unalome, meant to signify your spiritual journey through life and also represent femininity (yin).

The symbol is usually embedded on a lotus flower pendant. The lotus flower is a beautiful bloom with a spiritual significance. It represents creation, beauty, purity, devotion, and life. This flower will grow from a muddy pond, from the bottom of the waters to the surface - through mud and muck - in order to blossom into a beautiful flower.

Similarly this is how one's spiritual journey starts - by going through many challenges, hardships and dark times before you can reach enlightenment. It also signifies beauty, purity and the potential that awaits you when the journey is complete.

If you are still in your spiritual journey, then wearing this unalome with lotus flower pendant will remind you to stay devoted and to walk in the path of righteousness.

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